Our Conviction

             As the name suggests, Sanchetana means raising awareness, which goes beyond one’s consciousness that one is born with. Sanchetana has always made efforts to make the urban poor aware of the causes of their problems, rising above narrow considerations of caste, creed and gender. With the perspective that any change can be sustainable only when it is brought from within, we have always made efforts to build the internal capacity of the community through awareness programs and trainings. Hence, priority of the organization has always been to help urban poor realize their potential through various programs and to provide them the expertise to help themselves, instead of providing pure services. Over the last three decades, Sanchetana has made interventions in the lives of the marginalized people in slums of Ahmedabad with special focus on Adolescent girls and Women. 

We stand for...
  • Socio-economic
  • Cultural
  • Religious
  • Caste
  • Gender
We Collaborate with...
  • CBOs (Community Based Organizations
  • NGOs
  • Concerned individuals
We engage in...
  • Improving the health status of the marginalized.
  • Exploring different ways to mitigate religious conflicts and establish peace.
  • Creating a genuinely inclusive society sans discrimination on the basis of gender caste, languages or religion.
  • Building and strenghthening community based organizations for participation in decision making.
  • Demanding a people-centric public health system to guarantee "Right to Health".
  • Training health workers and community to reach our to poor and to bring about sustainable changes.
  • Collaborating with NGOs and networks to address larger issue - Human rights, Right to Health, Communalism, Women's rights and Minority rights.
We reach out...
...through multi-pronged mainstream, as well as alternative communication media like Street-plays, Exhibitions (Community level/ City level), Folk Songs / Dance, Campaigns, Puppet-shows, Television shows, Games, Workshops, Training programs, Celebration of festivals / Institutionalized days etc...

Regular group meetings on a variety of development issue in the community facilitate articulation and participation of the people so that they are in a state to adopt healthful ways of life for themselves and their community. It also positions them to make political demands about basic rights such as safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation, primary education and access to key information.